Rockabilly Halter

Standing there in front of the mirror was depressing to her. The polish on her left pinky toe was gone, and a major chip and crack of her toenail ripped off the teal glaze leaving her left foot in a state where she couldn’t tell if the color was applied, or her nail was working at removing her attempts at care. Her thighs seemed to pop out around her middle, it seemed so far from this angle that looking to the right only showed thigh straight down to carpet. One big thigh she thought. Her stomach was a panache of almost cute belly button surrounded by fat roles wrapping and pushing it out of site. If it wasn’t for her ‘misguided now’ belly ring, her front sag may eternally hide her favorite body part.

All this sad news was nearly enough to add to an already hard day. It was time to cover up skin with a magical dress. She picked up her small silver hoops, not sure on the color for tonight’s ensemble, but they were her favorite, and made her ears pop, or at least took the eyes away from the lower left lobe. “What is that thing going to turn into when I’m fifty?” she thought.

Earrings in, it was time to try on her find. The ivory and black rockabilly picked up last Saturday from the local dress and scents shops downtown.

The dress laid there on the bed, halter straps traipsed around each other like lovers in an embrace. The light nautical print brought a touch of ebony to an already pearlescent bodice kissed by crinoline lace at the bottom of the skirt. The clothing called to her, daring her to transform into that warm soul that everyone wants to be around. The beauty who some men just want to touch, or bump up against as their conversation is veered toward her, and seemly never know how to pull away from.

Morgan first adjusted her bra. The hope was that her current strapless model would provide the protection needed against the mighty gravity, threatening to force all conversation away from her, and instead only leave eyes gaping at her chest.

Adjustments made, and body parts appeared to be sound. A quick light pull at the bottom while quickly pushing everything inside the protective wire and pad seemed enough to move onto the quest at hand.

She walked over to the bed and picked up the article. It laid in her arm like a child, holding on to her like it was made only for her body. The skirt lightly billowed out as the straps now hung loose. She undid the hanger straps while spinning it around to pull down the zipper. The light crackle of metal unfastening, provided an electric shock as she excitedly lifted the skirt still careful of her hair, over her head. The lace tickled her nose and tummy as is slid over her waist, her arms came down around the front and grasped hold of the two straps.

A halter provides that free open back aura while protecting everything in the front. Her hands delicately tied the bow while adjusting each bow so they equally fell just below her neck.

Looking in the mirror, she noticed a small, delicate shaping bow and lightly adjusted that tie to cinch up the bodice perfectly against her waist. The change was electrifying as her eyes widened at the site before her in the mirror.

Her hair seemed to add body, her waist once again showed her graceful shape. Wider eyes accentuated her face while taking all the focus away from areas she currently was less than happy about.

While leaning down to grab her lipstick she twisted her body around. The skirt happily complied with the request and lightly swished about, the lace lightly tapping her legs as it fulfilled the requirements of the spin. She looked up at the mirror and noticed her butt causing that subtle curve from the waste. “Now why don’t you look that nice in underwear?” she thought.

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